Privacy Policy

Genericusastore privacy policy is meant to assure its customers that their data is completely safe. This indicates how we use, collect, or also disclose the information and ensure that complete data is secured. Once you visit our website you will be asked to check on the terms and conditions- this implies that you obey the policy terms and want to proceed ahead.

Collection of information

The data is collected from the website to help customers determine what we have to convey to them and nothing else. Also whatever information we collect that is solely for delivery Generic usa store has to convey to their customers- about the offers, any upcoming news, etc.

Registration and order process

Generic usa store has an online registration process that mainly requires some small information. Customers who are visiting us need to enter their name/phone no./or also their Gmail ID. This way the entire registration process can be completed. Note- the data you share with us is completely safe and we do not use it for our aspects.

Subscription using email

Submitting your email with us will help us to share any information easily. This way you can be the one who is left behind for any information that we want to convey to you.

Cookies storage

The website has cookies which are small files and the website recognizes the URL through which the website is opened. This is mainly done with the help of an IP address that verifies the user.

Strictly for adults

The website is only for adults and does not allow children to use it. Therefore we ask for your age and other related details which can convey to us that you are above 18 using the website.


Generic usa store has the option where customers adopting the service can also share reviews. These are done mainly to assist us and other customers know about the product and the website. This way if anyone is visiting us can let them be aware of everything right from our service to the delivery of the product.