Fildena 50 Mg


Active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate
Form Tablets
Prescription Required
Shipping 6 To 15 days
Strength 50mg

What is Fildena 50?

Many guys experience uncomfortable whilst having sexual encounters with their partners. The reason is the impotence problem which is escalating at a speedy pace. Countless men bitch approximately no longer get a stiff erection on the time of sexual intimacy using Fildena 50.

The cause for impotence may be physical or mental conditions. Not having an erection for the duration of sexual interest continues guys away from take part in intercourse.

When men bitch about not getting and maintaining a hard penis, they suffer from impotence. If a man has trouble with impotence, he is suggested to take Fildena 50.

This medicinal drug is thought to treat erectile dysfunction in guys of more youthful and older adults. This medicinal drug belongs to the PDE5 inhibitor class.

The motto of the erectile dysfunction remedy is to clear up erectile dysfunction in men. Sildenafil is the main constituent of this impotence medication which fixes erection troubles.

As guys begin to have this impotence drug, blood begins to flow into and across the genital organs. Proper blood movement within the penile place facilitates men to get higher erections.

When turned into Fildena 50 prescribed?

Fildena 50 is usually recommended for men who suffer from chronic impotence. Men who’ve had erectile dysfunction for a long term are cautioned to consume this drug. This powerful impotence drug is designed to provide relief to men who’ve erection problems.

How do Fildena 50 paintings?

Fildena 50 Purple has a crucial constituent Sildenafil Citrate. It enhances the blood glide inside the penile location when penile blood vessels are unclogged.

Moreover, while the penile muscle tissues and tissues are cozy, guys get instantaneous erections. As guys with impotence troubles take the impotence drug, they can do away with impotence.

How to Use Fildena 50?

Take a pill of Fildena 50 inside the entire form with a glass of water. Instead of biting or squashing a pill, it is essential to ingest the impotence pill as it is. Men with impotence issues can ingest the tablet on an empty stomach or with food.

Having this medicine half an hour earlier than having sexual intimacy is important. It is extremely important to keep in mind to have the ED drugs at a precise time. Changing the dose without speaking for your healthcare company can be dangerous to your health.

Fildena 50 Side Effects

Men with impotence troubles can come up with aspect consequences after using the ED medicinal drug. Sufferers may experience blurred vision, dizziness, dry mouth, or a disillusioned stomach as side effects.

Some other ED patients can enjoy indigestion or diarrhea. Other facet consequences encompass asthma, headache, or flushing. If a side effect continues for lots of days, inform your healthcare provider.

Telling your scientific professional approximately your facet effects can assist repair it instantly.

What kind of Precautions Need to take Before Consume Fildena 50?

  • ED patients with heart and liver diseases need to stop taking Fildena 50.
  • ED male sufferers with kidney disease have to refrain from taking this medicine.
  • Bear in mind now not to apply nitrates even when taking this impotence medication.
  • Men who are not cozy with the constituent should pass the use of this ED drug.
  • This impotence drug should not be consumed by men under the age of 18.
  • Females who are breastfeeding their infants or pregnant women need to avoid the usage of this impotence medication.
  • Avoid operating a vehicle properly after taking the impotence drugs. If you accomplish that, it could affect your attention and awareness troubles.

What is the Fildena 50 Dosage?

ED male sufferers can stumble upon numerous dosages of fildena 50 mg tablet in diverse online drugstores. A healthcare professional will endorse ED sufferers taking a particular dose after going via a scientific checkup.

Men with ED problems want to take the prescribed dose themselves. Altering the dose can be unsafe for guys’s health. If you’re making plans to stop or adjust the dose, are searching for medical steering usually.

The higher Dose of Fildena is Fildena 100 And Fildena Double 200 Mg.

Other fildena Product

Miss Dose

In case you have skipped your mind to ingest the impotence tablet, have it when you do not forget. Ensure to have the skipped dose before you start your subsequent dose. Taking two capsules in an afternoon may be risky for your fitness.


In case you have taken multiple tablets, report to your clinical expert at once. Taking a further tablet in the afternoon will have negative results on your fitness.

Some health headaches or facet consequences may crop up after taking a further tablet.


Store the vital erectile dysfunction drug at a specified region and a favorable room temperature. It is pleasant to keep the impotence medication in a dark and cool zone.

Storing the drugs away from sunlight can increase the efficacy of the medication.


How powerful is Fildena 50?

Men are intended to be treated with the top-rate medicinal drug for erection issues. The beneficial ED drug allows impotent sufferers to get immediate recovery from ED troubles.

Can you use Fildena 50 each day?

Medical experts endorse ED men to intake this impotence pill for a restricted period. Ingesting this ED medicinal drug once a day can help men repair erection troubles.

How To Order Online?

Order  from an esteemed and depended-on online drugstore. You want to follow a few smooth steps to order the strip of ED tablets online.

Who can use Fildena 50?

Medical physicians recommend ED patients have ED tablets. Having those ED pills will now not have poor consequences on men’s sexual fitness.

Can you purchase Fildena 50 without a healthcare doctor’s prescription?

Prescription-associated medications are useful ED capsules. Hence, a prescription from a skilled healthcare medical doctor is extraordinarily essential.

Can Teenagers Take Fildena 50?

Teenagers must keep themselves from having this ED medicine. This impotence drug has been prescribed to grownup men after they had experienced hassles with impotence for months.

How long will Fildena 50 Work?

The erectile dysfunction drugs will start to expose their motion in a man’s body as quickly as he consumes the drug. The effects of the ED drug will ultimate for around 4 hours.

Can you take alcohol with Fildena 50?

This impotence drug specifically forbids the ingestion of alcohol for impotence patients.

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