Super P Force Oral Jelly


Active Ingredient Sildenafil / Dapoxetine
Manufacturer Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd
Packaging 7 Sachets / Pack
Strength 60Mg+100Mg
Delivery Time 6 To 15 days
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About Super P Force Oral Jelly

Super P Force Oral Jelly is a chewable jelly format of Dapoxetine and Sildenafil. Using the 2 regular elements men can get back the potential to achieve penis hardness and postpone ejaculatory abilities.

Diagnose yourself to out whether you’ve got sexual troubles in you after which the simplest cross for the pills if the doctors advise the sort of issue.

You need to gain a prescription from the medical doctor because each of the elements of the drugs belongs to the Schedule H category of drugs.

Use of the Super P Force Oral Jelly pills generally comes with numerous restrictions, now not in your diet but on the dosage administering timings, the frequency of using the capsules, and the use of different drugs.

Remember that either of the medicinal doses now not being tolerable for you results in causing an overdose which might also carry you across several side outcomes of the drug.

An uncommon component of the Super P Force Jelly medication remedy is that its consumption mode is just like chewing gum. But throughout this, you ought to consider staying with the dose that doctors prescribe without altering it any in addition.

Use Of Super P Force Oral Jelly

Countless men can’t have enjoyable sex. The purpose is men do now not get a company penis at some point of sexual activity. If men do not get an erection at some stage in sexual intimacy, they cannot bask in sexual encounters.

Erection issues may also occur from time to time in some men. Some men revel in ED often.

When erection problems arise frequently, men chorus from their spouses. Relationship troubles cripple a couple’s existence. It is recommended to ED men to get the disease handled as early as feasible. Men who go through erection issues for lots of days are recommended to take This medicine.

Super P Force Jelly is an effective erectile dysfunction drug designed to remedy impotence. Taking this drug helps men triumph over erection issues very quickly. Moreover, if a person has ejaculation issues, they can also use these ED drugs.

This medication works for erectile dysfunction patients as well as untimely ejaculation patients. After having this oral jelly, men may be able to control early ejaculation.

How Does Super P Force Oral Jelly Work

There are two potent elements Sildenafil and Dapoxetine which can be determined in This medicinal drug.

Sildenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor institution of medication that complements the blood glide all over the penis. Blood vessels of the penis get widened due to the vital aspect.

As a result, the expanded blood waft results in an erection inside the penis. Proper blood circulation within the penile location makes a penis erect. Having sexual stimulation is crucial for men to make the ED drug paintings.

Dapoxetine a powerful medication is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It increases the serotonin ranges inside the nerves which in flip increases the time of ejaculation.

The imperative compound improves the management of ejaculation. Taking the drugs on time is essential to govern early ejaculation issues.

As PE men start taking this remedy, they may not face PE again.

What Are The Super P Force Oral Jelly Side Effects?

It is viable to reveal some side results after taking Super P Force oral. Some aspect effects that impotent patients can also come upon are dizziness, rashes, stomach disillusion, and headache.

Other signs encompass blurry vision and flushing. If a side impact persists, file it with your clinical practitioner.

This remedy: How To Take It?

Ingest the impotence remedy once a day and inside the complete shape with a pitcher of water. Without splitting or breaking the oral jelly tablet, you need to ingest the pill.

Have the oral jelly medication an hour earlier than making love. As soon as you’ve got the drug, the ED oral jelly will begin to act within an hour. Have the erectile dysfunction pill after having meals or without meals.

The Dosage Of This medication

A clinical expert will choose a scientific check to know the condition of the ED. According to the medical file, a specific dose can be prescribed to a patient.

An ED patient desires to consume the impotence drug as it is informed to him. Changing the dose or preventing the dose can give rise to withdrawal signs and symptoms. Another dose is Super P Force And Extra Super P Force.


In case you have taken a further dose, name up your healthcare issuer straight away. Overdosing on oral jelly can be dangerous for men’s health. Therefore, inform your healthcare issuer when you have taken an additional dose.

Missed Dose

In case you have neglected a dose, take it when you remember. But, maintain in thoughts no longer to pass the dose which won’t give you the desired hardness.

Directions For Use

Properly using the Super P Force Oral Jelly drug can decorate the effectiveness of the pills.

Timing of dosage:

Have the ED medication whilst your doctor prescribes you. It is important to take the impotence drug handiest once an afternoon.

Using frequency:

Do now not use impotence tablets frequently. Schedule a consistent time for having the impotence medicine. Only as soon as an afternoon, ED patients want to take the Super P Force Oral Jelly.

Taking with Food:

ED sufferers need to ingest the impotence pill with meals. It will help the drug paintings in a person’s frame faster.

Dosage Adjustment:

If you are not secure with the prescribed dose, your clinical professional may modify the dose. A doctor will exchange the dose for you in case you feel uncomfortable with the previous dose.

Interactions of This medicine

Some drugs might also have interaction with other medications which can cause fitness issues. If you are taking tablets for kidney or coronary heart troubles, it would be high-quality not to have Super P Force.

In case you’re taking nitrates, it would be quality no longer to ingest the impotence pills. Let your health practitioner recognize approximately your ongoing medicines before the usage of Super P Force.

Needed Precautions While Consuming this Medication

Super P Force Oral Jelly remedy is not supposed for females. Only men with impotence issues must consume the ED remedy.

Taking the ED drug with nitrates may be risky for men’s health.

  • If you have intense liver or coronary heart problems, do no longer intake the impotence drugs.
  • Men who have long-term kidney problems aren’t cautioned to use this impotence remedy.

Other General Warnings

  • After consuming the ED drug, do not cross on a pressure or operate a system.
  • Side consequences may additionally crop up after consuming alcohol. Hence, keep away from boozing alcohol after taking the impotence medication.
  • Keep the Super P Force Oral Jelly capsules out of the manner of youngsters and women.

Storage Of This Remedy

Store This medication in a secure and cozy location. Exposure to sunlight can damage the drug. Keeping the medicine away from daylight can increase the efficacy of the drugs.


Can I Buy Super P Force Oral Jelly medication Tablets Online?

Yes, you could buy Super P Force Oral Jelly remedy from a depended-on online drugstore. Buying ED drug treatments online can assist get capsules on time.

Do I Need A Prescription To Order This Medication Online?

It is important to show a prescription from your clinical expert whilst shopping for this impotence drug. Without a prescription, you can’t have the drug.

What If You Forget To Take This Medicine Tablet?

If you overlook taking the Super P Force Oral Jelly ED tablet, ensure to have it whilst you take it into account. Missing out on a tablet of this ED drug isn’t always accredited for patients.

Is This Remedy Safe For Daily Consumption?

You can ingest this impotence medication as soon as an afternoon with no issues. If you’re taking the drug properly, you may no longer enjoy severe aspect results.

Is This Medicinal Drug Safe For Women During Pregnancy?

Women who are pregnant need to speak about ED drugs with their medical doctors. Taking this drug at some point in pregnancy can cause beginning defects.

Do I Need To Avoid Alcohol While This Medicinal Drug Name Tablet?

Men with ED and PE issues want to stay far away from alcohol at the same time as having this oral jelly tablet. Consuming alcohol with this drug can make your head spin.

Where To Store This Medicine Safely?

Store the impotence remedy in a safe location wherein there might be no sun exposure.

Is This medication FDA Approved?

This medicine is an FDA-accepted medicine. Hence, ED men can take it comfortably.

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